Why You Should Always Depend On Professional Carpet Cleaners

Most homeowners tend to put carpet cleaning services at the top of their ‘to make’ list, despite the fact that they have to consider it at one time or the other. People pay a large sum of money for the upper-end wall to wall carpeting. A majority of homeowners would like to safeguard that investment as well as preserve the functionality and appearance of their carpet as long as possible.

Most people rarely bother to check the recommendations of the manufacturer that provides information regarding the maintenance and care of the carpet. Carpet manufacturers recommend their buyers to vacuum clean the carpets on a daily basis. Although some people are aware of this procedure, many others are not aware of it. As per the recommendations of the manufacturer, homeowners should get their carpets cleaned by a professional at least once a year, especially if the carpet is subjected to lots of use, and is filled with dust and grime.

Invisible soil is enemy number one

Why do manufacturers recommend regular vacuuming? It is because dirt is the worst enemy of the carpet, notably minuscule particles of soil that accumulate on the carpet but are not visible to the naked eye. These cause immense damage to the carpet whenever someone walks on it. For your information, these microscopic particles contain sharp edges that can permanently damage the carpet’s fibers.

When someone walks on the carpet, the dirt becomes loose and damage the fibers. The amount of fuzz found in the dirt collected in the dust bag will surprise you. These fuzz contain carpet fibers that you are sucking out each time you vacuum your carpet.

Carpet is a massive filtering system

Your carpet is unarguably the most efficient air filtration system in your home. Your HVAC system and open windows and doors suck in air from outside into your home. This air contains a wide assortment of contaminating particles such as bacteria, allergens, pollen, as well as dust and soil.

These particles settle into the carpet due to gravity when the air inside your house is still. Unlike visible soiling caused by beverage and food spills, the invisible settled soil particulates are the main culprit that damages your carpet years before it should.

Which is the best method?

What is the best way to clean a carpet? Thanks to advances in technology, you can find a wide variety of methods to clean carpets, inclusive of specialized carpet cleaning gadgets. The carpet cleaning machine is the favorite amongst do it yourself, enthusiasts. You can find them available for hire in grocery stores or purchase them outright from departmental stores. Unfortunately, this is not the appropriate method to clean carpets because of several reasons.

Manufacturers of most such carpet cleaning machines suggest that you use their brand of cleaning solutions. The new public, who are typical users of such machines do not know about these cleaning solutions. The formulation of the solution should be such that they have neutral pH, meaning that the solution should be neither acidic nor alkaline. Such a formulation does not harm the delicate fibers of the carpet. Unfortunately, neutral pH detergents are incredibly foamy. When used as suggested, they leave lots of residues that acts like a magnet that attracts dust, resulting in re-soiling of the carpet. This residue takes days to dry, leaving the carpet moist, making it the breeding ground for mildew and mold. This dampness can also cause the backing of the carpet to separate, damaging it permanently.

A professional carpet cleaner is your best bet

Instead of experimenting, entrust the job to a professional carpet cleaning agency. Armed with the latest carpet cleaning gadgets including truck mount cleaning system and the steam cleaning gadgets, they can clean your carpet correctly and quickly. While individual homeowners may hesitate to appoint professionals because of their steep charges, hiring the services of such agencies is a wise investment, as they, apart from cleaning your carpet, enhance its longevity too.

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