Steam Cleaning Vs. Dry Carpet Cleaning: Which Is Better?

No matter how you may have tried to keep your carpet clean, you still have dirt and grime and stains that have accumulated over the years, and now you need carpet cleaning services. Steam cleaning and dry cleaning are often the two methods used for cleaning carpets, but you may wonder which method to choose […]

Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Service – Health Benefits

A clean carpet can enhances the beauty of your space as well as contribute to a healthier environment. However, a clean looking carpet may not be germ-free at all times. A carpet requires periodic cleaning to stay fresh and hygienic. We often overlook the importance of regular carpet cleaning and hire professional carpet cleaning service […]

Professional Carpet Cleaning: Securing Your Investment

Your carpets go through a lot, especially if you have pets or kids. This is why professional carpet cleaning is a must. How often your carpets should be cleaned depends on various factors, such as how often people or pets walk on it and the type of carpets you have. Pets and kids can be […]

How To Remove Pesky Red Wine Stains From Carpets

Accidents happen. You may be hosting a small party or dinner for your family, and someone spills red wine on your clean carpet. Red wine is hard to get out of clothing, but it is much more difficult to get out of a carpet. To remove red wine stains, you will need to make a […]

Cleaning A Tile Floor: Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Bleach and Ammonia Based Cleaners Do not use bleach cleaners on your tile floor. There are plenty of better cleaners that are milder and will get the floor clean. Bleach and ammonia products will discolor the grout. This will happen slowly, but it will be noticeable over time. Try an all-purpose cleaner and use as […]