Simple Tips For Removing Loose Dirt & Grass From Carpets

Mud and dirt are not uncommon in a household, especially in homes with children. Children may enter the home with the same shoes they wore to gym class or their sports practice. Do not let their messy habits ruin your carpet. Here are some tips to remove dirt and grass stains from your precious carpet. […]

Professional Upholstrey Cleaning: How Much Does It Cost?

On average homeowners spend around $158 on professional upholstery cleaners. Since most services are provided on a per-piece basis, the costs largely depend on the number of pieces you are having cleaned. Pricing also takes into consideration the size of furniture and material composition because more substantial materials require special care. Professionals will review special […]

Simple Upholstery Cleaning Tips For Everyday Homeowners

Blog post was written by Refresh Carpet Clean – Local Cleaning Company Everyone enjoys the look and feel of upholstered furniture, but cleaning it is another story. Dirt and filth like to cling to upholstery making it look unpleasant and less alluring. The natural bright colors can become dull and dingy, and clouds of dust […]

Steam Cleaning Or Chemical Cleaning: What Is The Best Option For My Carpet?

Cleaning your carpet is a tough job. You can choose to either steam clean your carpets or chemical clean your carpets. Considering what choice to make between these two options can raise many questions. The first question you will immediately ponder is, which option will be best regarding safety for my family and pets, while […]

Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Pet Odours In Carpets

We love our pets. Our carpets, not so much. Not only do carpets attract and hold in urine and other smells, over time they start to mimic the natural doggy odor. We love the feel of a rug under our feet, soft and cozy, but the appeal begins to disappear when it starts to smell. […]