Why Should You Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning Services?

Carpets are one of the most long-term investments in a home. Cleaning your carpets regularly will not only helps contribute to a healthier home environment but also help increase the shelf-life of your investment. When compared to different types of flooring, carpets do not require to be cleaned on a routine basis. However, hiring professional carpet cleaning services once in every 12- 18 months, even if have been vacuuming regularly is essential to keep your carpet well-maintained.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) Carpet cleaning: Common Mistakes Made

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner for cleaning carpets is one of the best ways to keep your carpet clean and germ-free. However, most people often opt for DIY carpet cleaning to save money. While DIY cleaning can prove quite inexpensive than professional carpet cleaning, they fail to deliver effective results as their counterpart. Additionally, dry carpet cleaning not only requires one to spend a considerable amount of time and hard work in completing the task but also increases the risk of carpet damage especially if a novice does the cleaning. Listed below are some common mistakes that can be done when trying to clean the carpet yourself.

Using Excess Shampoo: One of the most common mistakes that most people make during DIY carpet cleaning is to use too much of carpet cleaning shampoo during the cleaning process. When an excess of shampoo is used or if the shampoo is not rinsed correctly, there is a build up soapy residue that not only acts as a dirt magnet but becomes impossible to be cleaned out from the carpet.

Over Wetting: When excess water gets soaked into the carpet during the carpet cleaning process, it can cause the carpet to shrink and tear up from the floor. Additionally, if the backing material of a carpet is wet, it can not only cause the carpet to discolor but increase the risk of mold and mildew problems.

Staining: DIY carpet cleaning does not effectively remove stains from the carpets when compared to professional carpet cleaning. Stains on the carpet are usually caused when furniture’s come in contact with the wet carpet. While wood furniture can release dyes causing stains when left on wet carpets, furniture pieces that have metal feet can cause rust stains if left overtime on a wet carpet.

One of the primary reasons that most dry cleaners encounter these problems is because they do not remove the furniture from the room while cleaning carpets. Additionally, a DIY carpet cleaner does not have ready access to foil-backed cardboard squares and foam blocks which professional cleaners use to keep the furniture away from the carpet until it dries completely.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods

A common method used by a professional carpet cleaner is the ‘dry extraction‘ method. This method is more a ‘moisture controlled’ method rather than a dry procedure. In this method, a controlled amount of moisture is applied to clean the carpet and still leave it dry. The process involves using an appropriate amount of chemicals required for carpet cleaning. Cleaning agents are applied to the carpet material with the help of a machine that features two revolving brushes. As the brushes move the cleaning agents through the carpet, the cleaners add the right amount of liquid that help dissolves the dirt. The dirt and liquid are then reabsorbed, leaving the carpet dry for vacuuming and immediate use.

Spraying carbonated solution on the carpet is another common method used by professional cleaners. The carbonated solution does not contain oil or detergents, reducing the risk of leaving a dirt-attraction residue behind. When sprayed on the carpet, the cleaning agent in the solution gets into the carpet fibers with minimal wetting. The dissolved dirt is then removed using a machine that runs soft cotton pads over the carpet.

People of the opinion that the dry methods may be not as effective as the wet one as it might fail o remove deeper dirt. However, using a dry method not only removes dirt from the base and fibers of the carpet but also reduces the risk of over- wetting.

There are two differences between professional carpet cleaning and DIY cleaning. Firstly, profession cleaners are experienced and know about gaining the maximum benefits and avoiding hazards from each carpet cleaning method.

Secondly, professional carpet cleaners are well accustomed to using carpet cleansing agents as well as the powerful and sophisticated machines to deliver the best cleaning results without succumbing to the risks that power entails.

However, DIY carpet cleaning also has its advantages. Firstly, most people opting for DIY cleaning are accustomed to moving heavy furniture. Secondly, they are usually aware of handling specific challenges such as stains and heavily soiled areas.

Carpet protection treatments provided by professional cleaning services

Stain Removal: While some firms include stain removal in their base cost, there are others who charge separately for highly soiled areas or individuals stains. Enquire about this up front.

Carpet pretreatment: A carpet pretreatment is done by spraying cleansing agents on the carpet to dissolve oil and grease. This helps extract more dirt from the carpet during the final cleansing.

Soil retardants: Carpets which are factory treated have a coating applied to them to allow the carpet fibers to shed water and spills. This helps clean up the spills quickly.

Deodorizing and pet odor treatments: Odors generated from the carpet due to urine, mold or mildew can be eliminated by cleaning the carpet itself. Applying antimicrobial agents also helps prevent the return of mold and mildew. For deodorizing the carpet, using carpet perfumes can help mask the odor temporarily.

Antimicrobial treatment: Professional carpet cleaning helps eliminate most microbes, yeast, mold, and mildew from the carpet. However, with an antimicrobial treatment, a hostile environment is created which prevents these bacteria from reproducing and spreading, helping control odor problems, providing relief to allergic sufferers and increasing the shelf-life of the carpet.

Anti-static treatment: One of the best and healthiest remedy to prevent the build-up of static electricity is to increase humidity with a humidifier. When relative humidity rises above 40 percent, the static problems disappear. Professional local carpet cleaners use several treatments and finishes to prevent a build-up of static electricity. However, most of these solutions act as soil magnets, increasing the chances of your carpet getting soiled more quickly.

To know if your carpet requires re-treatment, add few drops of water in some areas of the carpet. If the drops bead up, you can skip the re-treatment, but if the drops of water get absorbed in the fibers quickly, it is time retreat your carpet.

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