Hiring Refresh Instead of Renting A Rug Doctor in Vancouver

Hiring Refresh Instead of Renting Rug Doctor DIY Vancouver BC

You might be thinking that it’s time to get your carpets cleaned in your home, and going the route of a rug doctor rental is appealing on the surface for some people. But getting your carpets cleaned isn’t always a simple task, and that’s why more and more people are turning to the Lower Mainland professionals at Refresh Carpet and Upholstery Care for their home and commercial carpet cleaning in Vancouver, BC!

Why Should I Hire Refresh Carpet & Upholstery Care?

For starters, a do it yourself carpet cleaning means…well…you have to do it yourself! Between the transporting of the unit, and the labor needed on cleaning your carpets, cleaning your carpets on your own isn’t always as easy as you may have hoped for. Have a set of stairs in your home with more carpet upstairs? That’s just extra places to have to lug the rug doctor around in your home! Why not leaving the heavy lifting for the pros at Refresh!

Furthermore, Rug Doctor rentals will run your upwards of $50 for the unit, plus the cost of chemicals, which start around $10-$15 per bottle. On top of the cost for the machine now comes the value of your home. With our competitive packages and seasonal promotions, getting your carpets professionally cleaned might not be as expensive as you’d think!

The Hidden Costs of DIY

DIY carpet cleaning machines will often come with self-neutralizing shampoos, ones that when not fully extracted, can often lead to attracting dirt again quickly, leading to a repeat cleaning needed sooner than had it been professional cleaned.

Advantages of Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Service Company

When our certified technicians arrive on site, our techs know the chemistry needed to ensure your carpets get cleaned. Carpet cleaning can involve complex science, like knowing what level of alkaline soap is necessary to perform an acid rinse, to ensure a proper pH level in your carpets, keeping them clean for longer. You may not need to know this, but for the pro’s at Refresh, it’s a mandatory step in our technicians thorough training.

Portable carpet cleaning machines don’t utilize the same power as our truck mounted systems. With our truck mounted machines, we can generate steam more than 212 degrees; the temperature needed to kill any organic material, naturally sanitizing your carpets right away. Plus, our vacuums come equipped with some of the highest CFM (cubic feet per minute, measuring airflow) and lift that you can get in the market today. What does all this fancy technical talk mean for you? Simple. Your carpets are extracted with a far more powerful vacuum than you can get in a DIY setting or with any rug doctor, meaning we get carpets cleaner, and extract more water ensuring that they are restored to their best state sooner!

Contact Refresh for a Free Cleaning Estimate!

So give Refresh Carpet & Upholstery Care a call today, with technicians available from West Vancouver to Chilliwack, and service 7 days a week, we’re sure to be able to assist you.